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Give Back to Your Profession.

Giving back to the profession does not necessarily require a tremendous investment of time, money or energy. You might just write a simple post to your social media pages sharing with your colleagues some tips and tricks about your job or publish a cool article on a certain subject. Just take the opportunity where it presents itself.

Even the smallest contribution to the translation industry can really make the difference!

If you come across a publication that is not mentioned below, please drop me a line! Thanks!

3rd Place For InGreek Translations Website In Proz.Com Community Choice Awards 2017

3rd Place for InGreek Translations Website in Community Choice Awards 2017

Winner Of The ProZ.Com Community Choice Awards 2016

My profile was chosen as the most professional/attractive

3rd place for InGreek Translations into community choice awards 2015

InGreek Translations was awarded third place in the category «Best Professional Translator's Website»

Welcome to In Greek Translations! In Greek Translations is a high-quality service provider based in Chalkida, Greece and it is run by Anastasia Giagopoulou.

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